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How will my VA Benefits work with Medicare?


VA Benefits & Medicare

It is important to understand  that Veteran benefits and Medicare are two separate coverage types.   If you have VA coverage, that provides care at VA facilities and Medicare covers care for providers or hospitals with a medicare contract.  Although you can have both they are used separately and do not overlap.  Per the Va Website, it is recommended that you still enroll in Medicare part A & B to help cover some of the cost should you need to use a non VA Facility. In addition to that you are able to sign up for a medicare plan. Plan Types Include Medicare Advantage (Part C) or a Medicare supplement, also called a medigap plan. Many Medicare avantage plans have a low or 0 cost monthly premium.  Supplement plans do have a monthly premium and pay secondary to you medicare.  Learn more about these plans by clicking on the Getting the help you need tab.  if you are unable to use your VA coverage, get to a VA facility you can fall back on one of these plans. Still need advise? That's what we are here for. Please call for your consultation and here is the information to confirm your VA benefits directly at 1-877-222-VETS (8387).  This is generalized information. 

Retirement Ahead...

Sould I keep my group coverage ?

Now that your 65 and medicare eligible, you will have to determine if you are going to continue on with your group plan or if you  will branch off to a Medicare plan. In many cases, its less expenive to have medicare and sign up for a medicare plan that to keep your group coverage. Its always a good idea to speak with your plans administrator and an agent before making these decisions to see what they will continue to offer and how the plan works with medicare. 

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